Why another website for PMP aspirants?

For a PMP aspirant there are many training options out there. A number of training companies, individual instructors, publishers have flooded a wannabe PMP with options. Options on the mode of learning – eLearning, study guides, Bootcamps – both classroom, and virtual Live Online, Test packs, podcasts, and what not. The most popular option for those who decide to go all out is the instructor led bootcamp. Traditionally people would go to a venue to attend these, but things have changed. More bootcamps are being conducted in the virtual Live online mode than ever.

Typical PMP bootcamp costs upwards of $1,000

Most PMP bootcamps are conducted for four days – typically over two weekends.Most people walk in with hardly any time spent on even PMBOK. A lot of time gets wasted in covering the facts from the PMBOK that you can anyway read through. Little time is spent on the more important things – taking a shot at questions, examining why certain answer option is the correct one, and why not the others that also seem correct to an untrained mind. Add to this the countless breaks taken to endure the 8 hrs a day long, boring, and draining sessions.

You are no Young student

The average PMP aspirant is no college going student. These are people who command large teams and get things done against odds. You would expect them to be really good at comprehending complex contractual and legal jargon, squeeze most out of their time, smart decision makers, and clear communicators. Can you believe spoon feeding them with PMBOK content? I don’t. However, I agree that these are also the people who have been out of college for some time and need help in getting into the right mindset. They also need help in preparing to take a 4 hour long test and crack it. They need help to squeeze in time from their busy lives to prepare for the exam.


The bottomline – I respect the community of my fellow project managers, and this is my attempt to offer whatever little help that I would have liked when I was preparing for my PMP.